How to Transfer Music to Samsung Music?

Are you looking for a way to transfer music to your Samsung Music app? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to transfer music to Samsung Music in just a few easy steps.

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Music is one of the great joys in life, and there are now more ways than ever to enjoy it. If you have a Samsung phone, you can use the Samsung Music app to listen to your music files. You can also transfer music to your phone from your computer or from online music services. In this article, we’ll show you how to transfer music to Samsung Music step by step.

What you need

In order to transfer music to your Samsung Music app, you will need:
-A computer with Internet access
-Your Samsung Music app
-Your music files in MP3 format

Method 1: Using Samsung Smart Switch

With Samsung Smart Switch, you can easily transfer your music files from your computer to your Samsung Galaxy device. Simply follow the steps below:

1. Connect your Samsung device to your computer using a USB cable.

2. Launch the Samsung Smart Switch application on your computer.

3. On the main interface of the application, click on the “Music” tab located at the top part of the window.

4. On the next screen, click on the “Add” button and browse for the music files that you want to transfer from your computer. Once you have selected all of the files, click on the “Open” button to start transferring the files to your Samsung device.

Method 2: Using Samsung Kies

Kies is an official program developed by Samsung to enable its users to transferring music from computer to Samsung devices. In addition to music, this program also supports transfer of other data like contacts, Messages, images, Calendar, etc. from the computer to your Samsung phone or vice versa. One significant advantage of using Kies is that it automatically converts the incompatible file format of the transferred data so that it can be played on your Samsung device without any hassle. Besides, this process can be easily done with just a few simple clicks.

Method 3: Using Android File Transfer

If you have a Mac, you can use Android File Transfer to transfer music files from your computer to your phone.

1. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
2. Open Android File Transfer on your computer.
3. Find the music files you want to transfer in the file browser window.
4. Drag and drop the files into the Music folder on your phone.

Method 4: Using a USB Cable

This method is probably the simplest way to transfer music to your Samsung Music app. All you need is a USB cable and a computer with your music files on it.

1. Connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable.
2. On your computer, open the music file that you want to transfer.
3. Drag and drop the music file into the Samsung Music folder on your phone.
4. Disconnect your phone from the computer when you’re done transferring files.

Method 5: Using Bluetooth

This is the most common method to transfer music to Samsung Music. You can use Bluetooth to transfer music from your computer to your phone, or from your phone to your computer. To do this, you will need a Bluetooth adapter for your computer.

1. Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your computer.
2. Turn on Bluetooth on your computer and phone.
3. Pair your phone with your computer using Bluetooth.
4. On your computer, open the File Explorer and go to the location of the music files you want to transfer.
5. Select the music files and Right-click -> Send To -> Bluetooth Device
6. On your phone, open Samsung Music and go to Settings -> Add Device -> BT Connection Guide -> Receive Data via BT
7. The music files will be transferred to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth!

Method 6: Using Email

If you have a music file in a format that Samsung Music can’t play, you may be able to use a free online music converter to save the file in a compatible format. Then, you can email the converted file to yourself and download it onto your phone.

1. Open the music file on your computer. Right-click the file and select “Open with.”
2. Select a free online music converter. Zamzar and FileZigZag are two options.
3. Choose the format you want to convert the file to. For Samsung Music, MP3 is a good option.
4. Enter your email address into the “Your email” field.
5. Click on “Convert.” The website will generate a link to the converted file, which it will send to your email address.
6. Tap on the link in the email on your phone to download the converted file.
7. Go to Samsung Music and tap on “Library.”
8 Add the downloaded MP3 file to your library by tapping on the three dots next to the song and selecting “Add to library.”

Method 7: Using an SD Card

SD card is one of the simplest ways of transferring music files from phone to computer. A number of Samsung phones have an SD card slot that makes it even more convenient to use this method. You just have to connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable and then copy-paste the files from the phone storage to the SD card.


Now that you have learned how to transfer music to Samsung Music, you can enjoy your favorite tunes on your Samsung device. Whether you want to transfer music from your PC or from an online music service, the process is easy and straightforward. Just follow the steps outlined in this article and you will be able to enjoy your music in no time.

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