How to Submit Your Music to Blogs?

In this post, we’ll show you how to submit your music to blogs and get your tracks featured on some of the best music websites out there.

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How to find the right blogs to submit your music to

Before anything else, you need to figure out what kind of blogs you want to submit your music to. You can either focus on quantity or quality, but it’s important that you have a strategy. Ask yourself the following questions:

-What kind of music do I make?
-Who is my target audience?
-What type of blogs do they read?
-What blogs are most likely to write about my music?

Answering these questions will help you focus your submission efforts and avoid wasting time submitting toblogs that are not a good fit for your music.

Once you have a list of potential blogs, it’s time to start submitting your music. The best way to do this is to create a press kit. A press kit is a document that contains all the information a blog needs to write about your music. It should include the following:

-A bio that tells the story of your band or artist
-A high-quality photo (or photos)
-A link to your music
-A link to your website or social media page
-Any other relevant information (such as upcoming shows or recent press)

If you don’t have all of this information, that’s okay – just include what you have and be sure to send it in a format that is easy for the blogto open and view (PDFs are generally best). Once you have your press kit together, you can start submitting it toblogs using the following method:

How to make your music stand out to bloggers

If you’re an artist or band trying to get your music heard by as many people as possible, then submitting your tracks to blogs is a great way to get exposure.

But with so many artists out there vying for attention, how can you make your music stand out from the crowd? Here are a few tips:

1. Do your research
Before you start submitting your music to blogs, take some time to research the different types of blogs that exist and find ones that are a good fit for your style of music. There’s no point in trying to get your heavy metal tracks featured on a hip-hop blog – it’s just not going to happen.

2. Make sure your music is ready
Once you’ve found some blogs that you think would be interested in your music, the next step is to make sure that your tracks are ready for submission. This means ensuring that they are high quality and polished, and that they meet the guidelines of the particular blog (e.g., length, genre, etc.).

3. Create a press kit
When you submit your music to blogs, it’s also a good idea to include a press kit along with your tracks. This should include information about you and your music, such as a bio, photos, and any reviews or press coverage you’ve received.

4. Follow up after submission
Once you’ve submitted your tracks, don’t just sit back and wait – follow up with the bloggers after a week or two to make sure they received everything okay and see if they have any feedback for you. This shows that you’re serious about getting exposure for your music and helps to create a relationship with the bloggers which could come in handy down the road.

How to approach bloggers with your music

So, you’ve just made a great new song and you’re dying to get it out there. You want people to hear it, you want to get some feedback, and ultimately, you want to start building a fan base. One of the best ways to do this these days is to submit your music to blogs. But how do you do that?

First of all, don’t just send your music out to any old blog. Do your research and find blogs that are writing about music similar to yours. There’s no point in sending your techno track to a blog that only covers folk music, for example.

Once you’ve found some suitable blogs, the next step is to make sure your music is up to scratch. If it’s not good enough, most bloggers won’t even listen to it. So take the time to make sure your track is polished and perfected before you hit send.

Now it’s time to actually contact the bloggers. The best way to do this is by email, but make sure you personalize each email rather than just sending out a generic message. Tell them why you think they’ll like your track, and make it as easy as possible for them to check it out by including a link directly to the song or an embed code.

Finally, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get an immediate response or if some bloggers reject your music outright. It’s all part of the process, and sometimes it just takes a bit of trial and error before you find the right fit.

How to follow up with bloggers after submitting your music

It’s always a good idea to follow up with bloggers after you’ve submitted your music. Showing that you’re interested in their blog and what they have to say will help you stand out from the rest of the submissions they receive.

Here are a few tips on how to follow up with bloggers:

-Make sure you have the blogger’s contact information (e-mail, Twitter, etc.) before you submit your music. This way, you can easily reach out to them after you submit.

-When following up, keep it short, sweet, and to the point. The last thing a busy blogger wants is to be inundated with emails from artists.

-If the blogger doesn’t respond to your follow-up email, don’t take it personally. They may be busy or they may not be interested in your music. Either way, there’s nothing you can do except move on and focus on submitting your music to other blogs.

How to develop a relationship with bloggers

Before you start sending your work to anyone, it’s important to first develop a relationship with the person you want to feature your work. This is especially important when it comes to music bloggers, as they are constantly getting submissions and may not have the time to listen to every single one. By developing a relationship with bloggers, you increase the chances of them taking the time to listen to your work and potentially featuring it on their blog.

Here are some tips on how to develop a relationship with bloggers:

-Engage with their content: Show that you’re interested in what they’re doing by liking and commenting on their posts. This will help you get on their radar and they may start following you back.
-Share their content: When you see a post from a blogger that you like, share it on your own social media channels or with your friends. They’ll appreciate the exposure and may return the favor.
-Send them an exclusive: If you have something special that you think a particular blogger would love, send it to them exclusively. This might be a remix, an alternate version of one of your tracks, or even just a piece of merchandise.
-Attend their events: Most bloggers are involved in music events in some way, whether they’re hosting their own shows or Djing at clubs. Attend these events and support what they’re doing. They’ll be more likely to remember you when it comes time to submit your music.

How to get the most out of working with bloggers

If you’re a musician, one of the best ways to get your music out there is to work with bloggers. Bloggers can help spread the word about your music, and if you work with them effectively, you can get some great exposure for your band or solo project.

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of working with bloggers:

1. Do your research. Not all bloggers are created equal. Some are more influential than others, and some specialize in certain genres of music. It’s important to do your research and find bloggers who are a good fit for your style of music.

2. Pitch them properly. Once you’ve found some potential bloggers to work with, it’s important to pitch them properly. Make sure you have a well-written press release or bio, and include links to your music so they can check it out for themselves.

3. Follow up. Once you’ve sent your pitch, don’t just sit back and wait for a response. Follow up with the blogger after a week or two to make sure they received your materials and see if they’re interested in featuring your music on their site.

How to submit your music to playlists

Whether you’re a musician looking to get your music out there, or a music blogger looking for new content, there are a few things you should know about how to submit your music to playlists. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to getting your music heard by new audiences!

Research blogs and playlists that fit your genre.

The first step is to identify blogs and playlists that would be a good fit for your music. If you’re not sure where to start, look at blogs and playlists that feature similar artists to you. Once you’ve identified a few potential targets, take some time to research each one. Read through their about page, browse their past posts, and get a feel for their overall aesthetic. This will give you a better idea of whether or not they’d be interested in featuring your music.

Create a press kit.

Once you’ve found a few promising targets, it’s time to start put together a press kit. A press kit is simply a document (usually in PDF form) that contains all the information a blog or playlist would need in order to feature your music. This should include things like your artist bio, high-quality photos, press quotes, and links to your social media accounts and website. If you have any previous press coverage, be sure to include that as well! Creating a press kit will make it much easier for bloggers and curators to write about your music, and it will also help you look more professional.

Reach out and make contact.

The next step is to reach out and make contact with the bloggers and curators you’ve identified. The best way to do this is usually via email, but you can also reach out through social media or even snail mail if you prefer. When reaching out, be sure to introduce yourself briefly and explain why you think your music would be a good fit for their blog or playlist. Be polite and professional, but don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through! In most cases, it’s best to keep your initial email short and sweet – if they’re interested in learning more about you, they can always visit your website or social media accounts. Attach your press kit (in PDF form) to the email so they have all the information they need right at their fingertips If everything goes well

How to submit your music to radio stations

With the rise of the internet, there are more opportunities than ever for unsigned artists to get their music heard by a wider audience. One way to do this is to submit your music to blogs and radio stations.

Before you submit your music, it is important to do your research and make sure that you are submitting to a platform that is a good fit for your style of music. Once you have found a few potential blogs or radio stations, take the time to read their submission guidelines carefully and follow them to the letter. Include all of the required information and materials, and be sure to format everything correctly.

If you take the time to do your research and submit your music properly, you will increase your chances of getting accepted and aired on blogs and radio stations. This can help you reach a wider audience for your music and potentially boost your career as an unsigned artist.

How to submit your music to festivals

With so many festivals to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start. The good news is that there are a few ways to go about submitting your music to festivals, and the best method for you will likely depend on the festival you’re targeting. Here are a few tips on how to submit your music to festivals:

– Do your research: Make sure you’re familiar with the festival you’re submitting to. Read up on past lineups, get a sense for the kind of music the festival curators are into, and ensure that your band or artist would be a good fit.

– Check the submission guidelines: Every festival has different submission guidelines, so it’s important to make sure you’re following them to the letter. This includes things like specifying which format you should submit your music in (MP3, WAV, etc.), how many songs you should submit, and whether there are any other materials required (press kit, photos, etc.).

– Follow up: After submitting your music, it’s always a good idea to follow up with the festival organizers. This shows that you’re excited about playing their event and that you’re willing to take the extra step to make sure your submission is seen.

How to submit your music to online publications

There are many ways to get your music in front of bloggers and online publications. Here are a few tips:

-Do your research: Find out which blogs and online publications cover music similar to yours. Then, take some time to read their content to get a sense of their style and what they look for in submissions.

-Make it easy for them: When you do submit your music, be sure to include all the relevant information (e.g., artist name, song title, links to streaming platforms, etc.) in an easily accessible format.

-Follow their guidelines: Most blogs and online publications will have specific guidelines for submissions. Be sure to follow these carefully to increase your chances of being accepted.

-Have patience: Don’t expect an immediate response – it can sometimes take weeks or even months for bloggers and online publications to listen to and review submitted music.

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